Design Privacy Weekly

What this is:

#DesignPrivacyWeekly is a podcast about how #dataprivacylaws are implemented across the world. The goal is, at the end of every episode, to have 2 or 3 clear lessons or steps businesses can take to help them along on their journey to becoming data protection act compliant. At the end of the series it hoped that you are clear about your obligations under the new #DataProtectionAct and have a clear road map as to how you can comply with these obligations.

Each week we will:

  • Discuss at least one data processing standard and how it is to be implemented in your business.
  • Examine a different company and see what steps they failed to take that caused them to run afoul of local data protection laws.
  • Get insights as to how our Information Commissioner may exercise his powers.
  • See how your customers may exercise their #datasubjectrights and what that means for your business.

Who is this for:

This podcast is for business owners across all industries large and small who want to learn about how the newly passed data protection act will impact their business and understand what practical steps need to be taken to protect personal data and comply with local data protection laws.

This is also for persons that have been tasked with implementing data protection compliance programmes in your business or for your clients. This would include persons such as #dataprotectionofficers #CIOs #privacypractitioners #lawyers #riskofficers and #complianceofficers.

In one sentence this podcast is for any one or any entity that processes personal data in any way and does not want to run afoul of the law and wants to demonstrate to their customers that they take their privacy rights seriously.

Why are we doing this:

This podcast happened quite organically. Every morning as privacy practitioners, as a means of keeping up to date with the latest developments in Data Privacy laws we would each research the latest decisions coming out of supervisory authorities from all across the world and then share them with each other. This daily exercise would take place over Microsoft teams remotely .

With our regular interactions with business operators we quickly realized that the insights we were getting from reading these cases for ourselves was the exact sort of information business operators ask for every time we interacted with them. Outside of mounting workshops and using the insights while implementing data protection compliance programmes, we figured the most efficient way we could share these insights with you is through a weekly podcast. In corporate speak, it is our mission to help you comply with local and international privacy laws and we believe this is an effective way to so do.

Also this month, which is coincidentally cyber security month, marks one year since we have been offering data protection consultancy services and we think this is a good way we can share some of the insights that we have started to garner from our experience as privacy practitioners in the fields.

How will we do this:

Each morning we will record our discussion with each other about the cases we research from around the world. At the end of the week we will choose the case that offers the most insight. We will also ensure that we identify at least two to three concrete steps or lessons we can learn from each case study. These insights are taken from recommendations supervisory authorities have made to comply with the data privacy laws in specific business scenarios.

If there is any specific issue that arises from our discussion or otherwise that you would like us to discuss simply let us know via Twitter mentions #designprivacyweekly or on our linkedin page and we will be sure to address it in the following weeks episode or directly with you.

We will release the conversations weekly, on a time a day soon to be announced.. We will be publishing our podcast primarily on i-Tunes and Linkedin and other popular platforms. .

Who we are:

Chukwuemeka Cameron one of the co-founders of Design Privacy has been practising law for over 20 years and has a Masters in Information Technology and Management for lawyers and is a trained Data Protection Officer. He has also co-founded several technology based companies and as such is no stranger to law technology and privacy.

Kerri-Anne Reckord the other co-founder of Design Privacy is an Attorney-at-law with experience in corporate and commercial law and regulatory compliance, particularly in the local Cannabis industry. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in the hospitality industry, wine consultation and education and project management. Kerri-Anne holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law and attained the Legal Education Certificate from the Norman Manley Law School.

To learn more about Design Privacy check out this interview that was recently aired on CVM TV.




Founder of Design Privacy a company that helps you comply with local and international privacy laws.

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Chukwuemeka Cameron

Chukwuemeka Cameron

Founder of Design Privacy a company that helps you comply with local and international privacy laws.

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