A Conflicted Society: Dancehall culture and the legal profession

  • Is the practice of law reserved for only certain classes of the Jamaican society?
  • Is it that persons who are traditionally depicted as participating in the dancehall culture, classed as the “lower class” and not worthy of aspiring to become Attorneys?
  • What role does senior counsel at the Bar in general have in guiding students and young counsel, and what is the most appropriate forum to so do?
  • Why is being dressed in dancehall regalia considered to be vulgar, disgraceful and reprehensible?
  • Is it impossible to boldly embrace one’s culture while being apart of a profession that is deep seated in eurocentric values?
  • Why in this tropical climate are Attorneys who practice in the Supreme Court required to wear suits and on top of those suits robes?
  • Legal Profession Act section 6(1) that states that a person shall be qualified for enrolment if he holds a qualifying certificate and satisfies the Council that he has attained the age of twenty-one years, is not an alien, and is of good character, and the
  • The Legal Profession Act ( Canon of Professional Ethics) states that “an Attorney shall at all times maintain the honour and dignity of the profession and shall, abstain from behaviour which may lend to discredit the profession of which he is a member”, and an
  • “A n Attorney appearing before the Court shall at all times be attired in such manner as may be prescribed or agreed by the proper Authorities and as may befit the dignity of the Court.”

Founder of Design Privacy a company that helps you comply with local and international privacy laws.

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Chukwuemeka Cameron

Chukwuemeka Cameron

Founder of Design Privacy a company that helps you comply with local and international privacy laws.

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